Discipleship > Decisions

At the risk of offending the Baptist roots that I love, here goes: I think we put too much emphasis on the moment of conversion (a.k.a. “the invitation”) in many Evangelical churches. I’m not saying it’s unimportant and I’m not debating whether people are legitimately saved in that setting. But let’s face it, with an engaging speaker, a strong emotional appeal, and the right set of circumstances in the hearer’s life, you can get quite a few people to respond to an invitation.

The thing is, Jesus didn’t command us to get decisions. He commanded us to make disciples. And that is much, much harder. That’s because discipleship starts with a decision (to trust Christ as Savior) but it’s followed by many decisions (to confess and repent of our sins, to surrender our idols, and to allow him to change us even when it’s painful). So praise God for decisions. May they lead to disciples who make disciples.