A Stumbling Block Still

“Oh goodie, another book ‘re-framing’ contemporary issues in light of Scripture.” That was my thought as I read the dust jacket synopsis of a book by a scholar whose work I enjoy and respect but whose conclusions I don’t always share. Admittedly, I haven’t read this book. But my take away from the table of contents is that this is another book redefining certain moral and theological issues that modern culture finds unappealing.

I get that. Christians haven’t done themselves a favor in the way they have presented their beliefs about issues like creation, gender roles, and sexuality. But in spite what many people say, these issues are not the ones that are keeping them from embracing Christianity. They are definately issues. But they are smokescreen issues. The real issue is deeper. It goes back to what Paul said to the Corinthians – that the cross both draws people in and pushes them away. The idea that we are helpless and in need of a Savior is difficult to admit. It’s humbling. It’s why the cross is still a stumbling block 2000 years later.