Five Deadly Words

It happened again the other night. Five deadly words came into my mind. I was reading the tragic story of a minister who fostered and participated in an extra-marital relationship. The story was filled with honesty regarding his brazen disregard for the warning of other believers and the Holy Spirit. As I read the story, my thoughts sub-consciously went to a place I never want them to go. Five words leisurely scrolled across the marquee of my mind: I would never do that.

Immediately, I caught myself. I try hard not to allow those five words to come to mind. It’s not that I think I might do what this man did. I’d like to think that I never would do something like that. But I’m convinced that the fastest path to destruction is to think we are immune to a given sin. As soon as that happens, we let our guard down. We stop being honest with ourselves. We start ignoring the warnings of others. We quench the Holy Spirit. And when that happens, we are vulnerable to anything. I need the grace of God every moment of every day. Not just to save me from sin, but to save me from myself.