No, He Probably Didn’t

Whenever I hear Christians blaming something bad that happened to them on Satan, I want to ask them “really?” It’s not that I don’t believe in the devil or his ability to attack believers. I just don’t believe he or his minions are behind every problem. In fact, it’s a little naive and arrogant to blame your problems on the devil. Naive because it shows a lack of understanding regarding the far reaching effects of sin on this world and sovereign control of God over all that happens. Arrogant because it implies that you think what you are doing was so important as to warrant his attack on you.

There is no denying that Satan attacks believers. But I doubt he has to spend much time on the ones who are regularly making unwise (sometimes sinful) decisions on their own and constantly blaming him. So the next time you are worried the devil made something bad happen to you, let me put you at ease – no, he probably didn’t.