Christianity or Karma?

One of the hardest things for me in my faith is to take what I know intellectually and live it out experientially. Although I know that God’s attitude toward me is not impacted by what I do (or don’t do), it’s too easy for me to assume that he’s upset and disappointed with me when I sin. When circumstances aren’t turning out the way I’d like, it’s a short leap for me to try and figure out what I might have done to cause it. For the longest time I told myself that I wasn’t living this way. But deep down I knew it wasn’t true.

If my interactions with other Christians are any indication, this is a widespread issue and not one isolated to me. The problem is that’s not Christianity. It’s karma. Believing that God’s attitude and response to my actions are precipitated on me cheapens his grace and undermines his sovereignty. It places me as the source and cause of all that occurs. It’s an attitude from which I need to repent. Not so that God will love me or be pleased with me but because God loves me and is pleased with me as a result of Christ.