Sheep Shuffle

My 89 year-old grandmother gets it. She was telling me recently that a number of new people were coming to her church and getting involved. “Most of them are from other churches. It’s sad that people don’t like something and just leave for another church. But that’s the way they do it here.” Unfortunately, that’s the way it is everywhere Grandma.

We live in a country that affords us with incredible religious freedoms. A downside of this is that people can come and go from churches as they please. Not only does that hurt the churches, it hurts the people as well. No one benefits from the sheep shuffle. There is something to be said for sticking with a church even when their are decisions and people you don’t like. It helps the church grow and it helps with personal growth too. Unless heresy is being taught or a new church is being planted, people should pray long and hard before heading elsewhere. It’s better for the church and it’s better for them.