Two Kinds of Churches (Part 1)

There are two kinds of churches: those that are what they say they are and those that wish they were what they say they are. Example: some churches claim they are for messed up people and messed up people keep showing up. Other churches claim they are for messed up people but everyone attending has the appearance of having it all together. Instead of pretending to be something they’re not, what if churches were honest about who they are?

If you aren’t actually reaching unchurched people and seeing them come to faith, then don’t claim you are a church for unchurched people. If you are resistant to the idea of “seekers” but your gospel proclamation has brought them in, embrace that. If you aren’t good at getting people into meaningful community, don’t say you are. Just be honest with people about who you are. In the process, you might actually become the kind of church you wish you were.