Leaders > Structure

There is a prevailing belief in many Evangelical circles that in order to have a healthy church, the leadership structure much be patterned as closely as possible after the New Testament. I’m all for following the New Testament. I don’t think the leadership structure seen therein is mandated like some do but there are certainly principles that should be taken into account when evaluating church governance. The problem is that following the text, even to the smallest detail, does not guarantee a healthy church.

The health of a church has more to do with the character and quality of the leaders than it does the structure. A plurality of elders where everyone is equal is useless if those elders are apathetic and divisive. A single leader who has a significant amount of power is not bad if that individual is humble and does not lord it over those he leads. Don’t evaluate a church based solely on it’s leadership structure. Evaluate it based on the people who are leading it. Leaders trump structure every time.