Caving to Public Pressure

Many Christians, particularly Evangelicals, seem to be losing their will to stand up for what they believe when it comes to controversial social issues. Maybe this is just the pendulum swing from days gone bye when some Evangelicals showed little or no compassion for the people on the other side of the debate. I think it shows something deeper. Namely that we are more concerned about public perception than we are sticking to our purported beliefs.

Caving to public pressure in the name of relevance or to “maintain relational connections” makes no sense. Relationships are not impacted by what we believe but by how we convey our beliefs. Undoubtedly some will be offended by the belief itself. But that simply shows their hypocrisy regarding the idea of tolerance. People are drawn to those with firm, well-reasoned convictions even when those convictions are different from their own. When someone stands up for what they believe, you know they are being authentic. People would rather we be authentic than popular.