Prioritizing Church in Parenting

It seems like every few months someone is writing an article about the decline in regular church attendance and involvement. A disturbing part of that trend is the number of families who are missing out on church due to their children’s activities. Many of these activities take them out of town several times a month or require them to give up their Sundays. Without realizing it, these parents are setting themselves up for disaster.

Parents who prioritize their children’s activities over regular attendance and involvement in the local church should not be surprised if their children walk away from the faith. That sounds extreme but our hearts tend to follow where we spend our time. And our hearts can easily be deceived to what is really happening. I hate to break it to you mom and dad: your kids are not going pro. Their college success does not depend on being involved in every extracurricular activity you can imagine. Even if those dreams were to become a reality, is it worth sacrificing the value of the faith community for that? Let them participate in activities. But make sure you lead the way in prioritizing involvement in the local church.