Reflect and Pray

Another new year is upon us. That means millions of Americans will make resolutions. I used to set big lofty goals and then fall off the wagon somewhere around the middle of February. So a few years ago, I decided to ditch the resolutions in favor of two steps: reflect and pray.

I reflect back on the prior year and give thanks for all that God has done. I think about the coming year and pray that the Spirit will continue to grow me. It’s a one time event that doesn’t have to be done or started by a certain day. Anytime around New Year’s Day works. It’s also more beneficial than setting a bunch of resolutions I know I won’t keep.


The Illusion of Next

For many of us, the desire to move forward and progress is a part of our DNA. We assume that whatever is next will bring us greater fulfillment than our current circumstances provide. Maybe we think a new job or a promotion is what we need. Maybe it’s buying a new house or a new car. Maybe it’s becoming a parent or having our kids move to the next stage of life. Regardless of the specifics, we assume that obtaining what’s next will satisfy our longings and desires.

But next can be a dangerous illusion. It has the potential to keep us fixated on what we don’t have and rob the present of significance. What’s more, it reveals a dark truth about the source of our satisfaction. If we’re always waiting for what’s coming next to satisfy us, then God will never be enough.