A Leap of Faith

It’s leap day and you only get one shot every four years to post on this day. In keeping with theme, let’s talk about those times when we must take “a leap of faith.” Not an everyday decision to do something but rather a life-altering, “you want me to do what Lord!?” kind of decision. One of the problems with American Christianity is our desire to play it safe. We would rather sit in the boat with the 11 disciples then get out of the boat like Peter did. Biblical faith calls us to something more. It calls us to follow our Savior even when it seems risky to do so. But stepping out in faith and taking a risk is not the same as being reckless.

Sometimes people couch their impulsive decisions as taking a leap of faith. To be honest, I’ve done it before. But it’s not right to make unwise decision and throw them back on God when they don’t work out the way we hoped. This is where Proverbs is so helpful. We are consistently reminded throughout the book that wisdom is found in a multitude of counselors. When God calls us to do something big – something that requires a leap of faith – he will often confirm that through the wise counsel of those who know us, love us, and care about us most.