When the Spiritual Well Runs Dry

I’ve never known a Christian who who could honestly say he or she didn’t experience times of spiritual dryness. Bible reading becomes a chore. Prayer becomes rote if not impossible. Christian community becomes an obligation. I used to think that if I didn’t feel like participating in the spiritual disciplines, I shouldn’t. After all, God is not after my begrudging participation. My standing before him is based on Jesus and nothing I do. So why do these things just for the sake of doing them? I think it was my own attempt at avoiding a ritualistic and legalistic approach to my relationship with God.

As I’ve gotten older, my view on this issue has completely changed. I’ve found that what actually pulls me out of the spiritually dry seasons is doing the very things I don’t feel like doing. Yes, reading the Bible seems like nothing but words on a page. I really do go through the motions somedays. But eventually something starts to change. Slowly the water begins to return. I shouldn’t be surprised either since the Word of God is alive and active.