Imitation Games

A few weeks back, my kids were playing a game together where the younger one would try to imitate the older one. It was quite amusing to watch her struggle to do all the things her big sister could easily do. Kids have a tendency to imitate others. It’s a part of growing and learning. It’s also a biblical idea. Jesus told his followers to do for others what he had done for them. Paul repeatedly encouraged his readers to imitate his lifestyle. The writer of Hebrews told his audience to imitate the faith of their leaders.

All of this got me thinking, “am I living a life that’s worthy of imitation?” The point is not for people to imitate me because of some inherent goodness nor is it for me get any credit. It’s for people to see so much of Christ in me that they say, “I want to live like that.” It’s about pointing people to him. He’s ultimately the one we are to imitate.