The Right Motivation

What is our motivation for obeying God? For some of us, it might be fear. We obey God because we are wary of what might happen to us. For others, our motivation is rooted in guilt. We know that we have fallen short in the past and we feel bad about it. In Titus 2:11-14, Paul talks about the salvation-bringing grace of God which teaches us to say no to what is wrong and yes to what is right. He highlights the important truth that God’s grace is the motivation for our obedience.

When we ground our obedience in anything else, we start to go sideways. Only grace provides lasting motivation to pursue a life of holiness. Fear and guilt can change behavior for a season. But over time they lead to resentment and rebellion. They do not have the lasting power to change us. Only God’s grace can do that. And when we experience the radically undeserved grace of God, we discover that obedience to him is our natural response.