Where You Are

Where you are, there you are. It’s redundant. It also drives home the fact that we are not in the future nor are we in the past. We are not like God who eternally exists outside of time. We are finite beings who are inside of time. Our existence is confined to that framework. Our present circumstances are where we are. More importantly, they are where God has us.

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what God would have us do. Some decisions are clear cut. God never leads us to sin or make an unwise decision. But beyond that, there is a great degree flexibility in the decisions we make. The neighborhoods where we live, the jobs we have, the friends we have, the school where we send our kids, the church where we are involved, these are choices left to us. Certainly there are times where God calls us to do something specific and we should always follow the Spirit’s leading in those moments. But that’s the exception. The truth is that regardless of what we choose, God is present and active in each of these areas. We have been invited to join him in what he is doing where we presently are. The question is whether or not we will embrace that opportunity. Where you are, there you are – and God is at work.