Corrupt politicians who live above the law, terrorist attacks, racial tension and profiling, skepticism toward law enforcement, the loss of religious freedoms – this is the current climate in America. It’s tempting to wring our hands or decry the need to return to our “values” (values, by the way, that have gotten us no further than this). What all of this chaos should do is serve as a reminder.

It should remind us that America is no different from the rest of the world where these realities have not been masked behind a veneer of morality. It should remind us that apart from God’s grace, any one of us is capable of saying and doing horrible things. It should remind us that we must work to end racism, injustice, and violence. It should remind us that our ultimate hope is not in the world as we know it getting better. It’s found in the knowledge that one day Jesus will return. Everything wrong will be made right. This world will be re-created and sin eradicated. That is our hope as Christians. And so in the midst of chaos, we echo the words of the Apostle John: “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)