Watch and Learn

Social media has connected us to domestic and foreign events in ways that are unprecedented. When events unfold, we learn about them in minutes rather than hours or days. There are benefits to this. It gives us an awareness of what is happening in our world. It reminds us that even if our lives are sailing along smoothly, for many people that is not the case. But there are also drawbacks of being so connected. One of them is that we feel the need to comment on the issues that everyone else is commenting about. This is true even when we have little or no information about a situation or the issues surrounding it.

What if instead of commenting on everything, we took time to dig deeper and learn the history of the situation? Don’t buy what the media tells you through soundbites, headlines, or 140 characters. Learn how each side views it. Unearth the history behind what has happened. And if we absolutely must comment, what if we kept it as simple and genuine as possible? Don’t pretend to know everything or have all the answers.