The Brilliance of Jesus (Part 1)

In his excellent book The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard makes an important observation about the way people – including Christians – tend to view Jesus. Willard writes, “Can we seriously imagine that Jesus could be Lord if he were not smart? If he were divine, would he be dumb? Or uninformed? Once you stop to think about it, how could he be what we take him to be in all other respects and not be the best-informed and most intelligent person of all, the smartest person who ever lived?” [1] Perhaps it was his upbringing as a carpenter. Maybe it’s our arrogance in thinking people today are somehow smarter than ancient people. Whatever the reason, Willard is right. Many of us tend to view Jesus in simple terms.

The Christian faith has always maintained that from the incarnation, Jesus was fully God and fully man. These two natures are distinct and without confusion. At the same time, neither his deity nor his humanity is in any way diminished by the other. In taking on human nature, Jesus in no way lost his divine attributes. He was still the the divine Word who brought our world into existence. Which means that the teachings of Jesus are not just nice ideas. They are the the thoughts and insights of the smartest man who ever lived. Why wouldn’t we want to listen to them, know them, and put them into practice?

[1] Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In God (New York: HarperCollins, 1997), 94, Kindle.