Sustaining Grace

“Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.” Anyone who has been a Christian for a while has felt the truth of these lyrics at some point. When times are hard, it’s easy to wander toward sin. When times are good it’s easy to miss the fact that we have wandered or are about to wander toward sin. Even on our best days our natural inclination is to go our own way.

But in his grace, God does not allow us to stumble and fall completely away from him. He alone keeps us from stumbling. He alone has the power to keep us in his grace. And not only does he sustain our faith, he delights in doing so.


Dealing With Doubt

Churches (and many Christians) tend to treat believers dealing with doubt as if they are sick. Here’s a prescription of antibiotics. Quarantine yourself, take these pills, and come back when you’re feeling better. How unbiblical is that? Jesus invited Thomas to tangibly face his doubt. Jude says to have mercy on those who doubt.

Contrary to popular belief, doubt is not the antithesis of faith. It’s necessary for faith. It fuels faith. In fact, I would argue that if you never doubt, you haven’t seriously considered the Christian faith. The real issue is not whether it is acceptable to doubt. It’s who we turn to when we doubt.